A full night's sleep, every night with this easy step-by-step guide ✨

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2-4 Years Old Sleep Guide

2-4 Years Old Sleep Guide


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✔️   One-time Purchase. Instant Download.
✔️   Easy to follow, step by step guide to getting your baby to sleep through the night consistently.
✔️   Conquer bedtime battles, frequent wakings & early rising
✔️   Designed for the sleep-deprived, everyday Mum 

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Is your little one still struggling to sleep through the night consistently?

Do you feel like you've tried everything? Some days it seems like things are improving, then suddenly its 10 steps back. Are you tired, overwhelmed and need answers?

This sleep guide has everything you need to know.
It contains sleep guiding techniques that will teach your baby to fall asleep independently all whilst you are right there to comfort them every step of the way. Yes it can be done! 😱

"Would highly recommend to other families/parents"

It was super helpful. I felt so comfortable and there was no judgement or shame as to the position we were in with our little one. Would highly recommend to other families/parents"

Amy L. ★★★★★

What does it cover?

A 100 page Digital eBook 📖

  • Evidence-based research
  • Child parent attachment
  • Addressing bedtime battles
  • Falling asleep independently
  • Various Age-appropriate, responsive methods
  • Customisable sleep plan that sits well with how you parent
  • Weaning night feeds
  • 1-0 nap transition
  • Removing sleep associations
  • Early rising, frequent night wakings & split nights
  • Transitioning out of the cot
  • Daytime & Nighttime sleep
  • Sample daytime routines
  • Navigating Siblings & Daycare
  • FAQs & Safe Sleep Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I access the guide once I have purchased it?

You will be taken to a confirmation page with a link to download your guide. This link will also be emailed to you. You are able to download the guide 3 times.

Can I pay in instalments?

At checkout there is an option to pay with PayPal, which lets you pay in 4 instalments at no extra cost. The first instalment is taken immediately after purchase.

How fast does it work?

This depends on your individual child. Every baby is different. These guides are designed to cater to your child’s current developmental stage and assist them in gradually improving their sleep patterns at their own pace and achieving longer stretches at night.

Will I have to leave my baby to cry it out?

As you make changes, your baby will naturally cry in response. However, our objective is for them to master independent sleep with minimal tears. You'll discover when and how to step in while staying emotionally attached. This approach is completely adaptable, allowing you to address your baby's individual requirements in a way that feels right to you.

What if I encounter a problem and I don’t know what to do?

Our sleep guides provide frequently asked questions, which we believe addresses most, if not all, of the challenges you may encounter. However, if you still need assistance, you can directly contact us via email, and we will provide you with the appropriate advice.

What if I have more questions?

We’re here to help! Just reach out to us by sending an email through our contact form

Meet Marjorie

"I started Raising Healthy Sleepers because I was having so much trouble with my first born's sleep that I was going crazy. I was living tired, always moody and so overwhelmed. I decided I was going to get the bottom of it. After years of researching the science of children's sleep, we have crafted techniques and brought solutions to mother's everywhere struggling with their baby's sleep. I have compiled everything you need to know into this Sleep guide. Mumma, you can do it 🤍"

Marjorie Kellock

Certified Baby Sleep Consultant & Early Childhood Education Specialist.