Hello, I'm Marjorie

OCN Certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant, Qualified Early Childhood Primary Educator, Wife and a Mum of nearly two.

When I had my first bub, I soon learnt what sleep deprivation can do to you and it is not pretty. I found myself not enjoying motherhood and felt like I couldn’t give my best to my daughter and my husband. I was obsessively arranging everything around my bub’s sleep and started to feel trapped and isolated. We sought help from a sleep consultant and it enabled us to lay healthy sleep foundations for our newborn and this was the start to finally getting longer stretches of sleep at night. Once I was getting more sleep, I became much happier and I was able to give my family the best version of myself. Sleep played a vital role in maintaining a healthy me, a healthy marriage and a healthy family.

Research shows that sleep is essential in improving our overall health, especially in developing little humans. This is why I established Raising Healthy Sleepers to help families flourish by helping their little ones sleep.

From experience, sleep training does not mean leaving your baby to “cry it out.” My goal is to equip you with in-depth knowledge and age appropriate strategies to support you in meeting your child where they are developmentally, whilst maintaining a strong emotional connection with them. I sleep trained my daughter and this did not ruin my emotional bond with her, but it actually did the opposite; it became stronger.

It's important to note that individual babies have unique sleep patterns and needs, and what works for one may not work for another. I am here to support you in choosing a responsive method that sits comfortably with you and best suits your bub and their temperament.

I want you to feel confident in handling your little one's sleep, so you can spend time with family and friends, and do the things you enjoy without stress or worry.