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  • I purchased one of Marjorie’s sleep guides and it’s jammed packed with information to help set a healthy foundation for my 3 month old. Marjorie has also been super helpful with extra support and answering all my questions regarding sleep. After following her tips, my baby has been able to sleep 5-6 hour stretches and slowly learning how to fall asleep on her own! I recommend her guides and I will definitely be reaching out in the future to help out with my baby’s sleep.

  • I’m starting to remember what good sleep feels like and that’s all thanks to the 5-24 month sleeping guide (which has an overflow of helpful information) and Marjorie’s wisdom. So grateful for her kindness and advice.

  • I was gifted a 5-24 month guide from a friend who had also sung praises about Marjorie's guide that helped her two children with their sleep. The guide is comprehensive, with information including how to settle, create a conductive sleep environment, sample schedules and more. I was able to use the guide in helping create a routine for my child. Marjorie's approach to sleep training is gentle and flexible, which allows you to tailor your child's sleep routines to suit your family. I also liked that Marjorie's guide cite the research around sleep, unlike some of the other sleep consultants out there.

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"I started Raising Healthy Sleepers because I was having so much trouble with my first born's sleep that I was going crazy. I was living tired, always moody and so overwhelmed. I decided I was going to get the bottom of it. After years of researching the science of children's sleep, we have crafted techniques and brought solutions to mother's everywhere struggling with their baby's sleep. I have compiled everything you need to know into these Sleep guides. Mumma, you can do it 🤍"

Marjorie Kellock

Certified Baby Sleep Consultant & Early Childhood Education Specialist.