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Raising Healthy Sleepers

FREE 15 Minute Discovery Call

FREE 15 Minute Discovery Call

Not sure where to begin?

Consider scheduling a free 15 minute discover call to talk about your little one’s sleep, what you want to accomplish & which 1:1 support option aligns best with your unique situation.

This is your no obligation pathway to better rest. Find out what it might look like to work together on your journey to raising a healthy little sleeper.

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Meet Marjorie

"I started Raising Healthy Sleepers because I was having so much trouble with my first born's sleep that I was going crazy. I was living tired, always moody and so overwhelmed. I decided I was going to get the bottom of it. After years of researching the science of children's sleep, we have crafted techniques and brought solutions to mother's everywhere struggling with their baby's sleep. I have compiled everything you need to know into this Sleep guide. Mumma, you can do it 🤍"

Marjorie Kellock

Certified Baby Sleep Consultant & Early Childhood Education Specialist.