End of daylight savings: How to adjust bub to the time change

End of daylight savings: How to adjust bub to the time change

You might already be thinking about the clock change next weekend & might be wondering if an hour difference can actually impact your child's body clock. Short answer is, it can. I know an hour doesn’t seem much but it can definitely affect your bub’s body clock.

There are ways you can help in transitioning your little one into the new time:

Option 1:  You can start slowly adjusting them over 6 days prior to the time change

To do this, you gradually get them up 10 minutes later each day.

See example below:

The Monday before the time change, you shift their schedule 10 minutes later each day. By the Sunday, your bub should be adjusted to the new time.

Note: This approach is not recommended for toddlers - it just doesn’t work as well. Options 2 & 3 would work best.

Option 2:  You can adjust them gradually 2 days before the time change

If the time change is now less than 6 days away, take heart, there’s another way.

On the Friday before the time change, push wake window before each nap 15 minutes later (if taking more than 1 nap). Stick to usual wake window before bedtime. See example below:

If your little one is only taking one nap, push nap 30 minutes later each day.

Option 3: Don't do anything!

On the Sunday after the time change, see how your little one goes. If their “usual” time to wake up is normally at 7:00am, & on the Sunday of the time change, they’re still asleep past 6.00am (new time, which will feel like 7.00am), then let them keep sleeping until 7.00am (new time). Stick to their usual wake windows.

If they wake early, keep them in the dark for as long as you can until you reach the ideal start time, and then expose them to daylight. This will help their circadian rhythm (body clock) to adjust.

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