Services Agreement

1. Payment

1.1. Upon payment, a binding agreement is established based on these terms. You agree to adhere to safe sleep guidelines and recommendations.

1.2. Consult a GP for medical issues outside our scope before your consultation and disclose relevant medical conditions.

1.3. Full payment before phone consultations is necessary.

1.4. If unforeseen circumstances prevent the booking, you have 3 months to reschedule.

1.5. Consultations can be paused for illness but must resume within a week.

1.6. Using or paying for the Service implies agreement with these terms. If you disagree, you can't access the Service.

 1.7. Your customised sleep plan is confidential; sharing may incur costs.

2. Cancellations:

2.1. You have the right to cancel the consultation if sleep coaching isn't suitable for you or your child. However, refunds are not possible once the consultation has occurred.

2.2. For our Phone Consult + 2 Week Support, Phone Consult + 1 Week Support, Email Consult (2 Week Support), if you cancel more than 48 hours before the appointment, you'll receive a refund of the consultation fee after deducting a $50 administration fee, or you can get a credit matching the booking's value if arranged directly with Raising Healthy Sleepers.

2.3. If you're cancelling our Phone Consult (15 or 45 minutes) more than 48 hours prior to the appointment, you'll receive a refund of the consultation fee with a deduction of a $25 administration fee. Alternatively, if coordinated directly with Raising Healthy Sleepers, you can receive a credit equivalent to the booking's value.

2.4. Any cancellations within 48 hours of the appointment are not eligible for refunds, as these slots can't be filled by other appointments.

2.5. After the consultation has been given, it becomes non-refundable, even if the customer doesn't use the support period or achieves success before it starts.

2.6. If the customer isn't available during the consultation, we'll send a text to confirm we're trying to reach them. The client must respond to the text or call to complete the consultation. If the client starts late, the consultation still ends at the original time.

2.7. Not answering calls or texts results in forfeiture of the consultation by the designated end time, and no refunds will be provided in such cases.

3. Support period:

3.1. The support will align with your chosen package. In the case of Phone consult + 1 or 2 Week Support, the follow-up period should start within a week of the consultation, unless mutually agreed with Raising Healthy Sleepers.

3.2. For those packages, support happens on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through WhatsApp or text message.

3.3. I’ll consistently reach out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday via WhatsApp or text. Additional communication (15 minute phone calls, if included in your package) will depend on your preference. If you don't reply or initiate contact, we'll assume the scheduled check-in times are satisfactory for you.

3.4. For our email consult (2 Week Support), your email support begins 24 hours after Raising Healthy Sleepers send your sleep plan. We're available via email from Monday to Friday, responding once a day within 24 hours of your initial email.

3.5. You should initiate these emails as required. If we don't receive emails from you, we'll assume you're comfortable with your sleep plan and don't require further troubleshooting.

3.6. Clients who successfully complete the support period can access sign-off documents (like ongoing routines, awake times, sleep totals guide, and nap transition info). These benefits aren't available if the support period ends prematurely.

4. Disclaimer:

4.1. Raising Healthy Sleepers does not provide medical, nutritional, lactational, or psychological advice, services, or treatment. Consultations aren't a replacement for medical treatment, breastfeeding support, counseling, or any medical care. If you have medical concerns, consult a GP or qualified professional. Information on this website and your baby's sleep plan is not a substitute for medical advice and should be viewed for educational purposes only.

4.2. You have the freedom to adjust your baby's sleeping arrangements as you see fit. Raising Healthy Sleepers merely offers change suggestions, and you decide whether to apply them.

4.3. Consulting with Raising Healthy Sleepers serves educational, informative, and supportive purposes. Due to the holistic sleep support nature, Raising Healthy Sleepers cannot provide absolute guarantees or precise timelines. Many factors, including your baby's temperament, sensory preferences, changes made, and potential underlying conditions, influence outcomes.

5. Equality & non-discriminatory practice:

5.1. Raising Healthy Sleepers is an inclusive service that does not discriminate based on age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, parenting style, family structure, disability, cultural beliefs, or religion. If there's anything you want me to know about this, please feel free to reach out before our consultation or share it at the start of our call.


By engaging with the services offered by "Raising Healthy Sleepers," both the Consultant and Clients agree to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined above.